Monday, January 24, 2011

Crafting!! Crafting!! and more Crafting!!

Here is my latest challenge entry. It is for the Fantabulous Cricut website:
I made a birthday card for my sweet sister's upcoming birthday. The challenge was to create a craft with an image of something "sweet" on it using your Cricut. I have wanted to do something with a cupcake on it for a while now. So, I thought, "I will make my sweet sister something sweet for her birthday!" I made this cupcake using the "Celebrations" Cricut cartridge. The cherry on top is from "Sweet Treats" cartridge. I used by "Big Bite" for the first time and inserted four eyelets in each corner to lace the ribbon around the card. Wow! I am so glad I purchased this! And at 50% off! I laced the ribbon through the "wrapper" of the cupcake because I wanted the ribbon to still show where the cupcake needed to go. I used the "Alphalicious" cartridge for the scalloped oval as well as the plain oval. I used my new texture tool to give the background heart paper some texture. It kind of looks like sprinkles to me. Fitting huh?! :)
I stamped the design on the oval and the saying "hello cupcake". I used paper from "The Sweet Stack", ribbon, eyelets, printed paper, glitter paper, shimmer paper, clear stamps, black ink and of course, adhesive. I hope you enjoyed my latest creation. Thanks for visiting!!

Here are some mini notebooks I covered. I did one with an ice cream cone that says "sprinkled with fun" and one with a cute turtle that says "explore". I realized that I didn't do it correctly (so that the ends of the paper won't start to peel up off of the edges) so I will be making some new ones. Aren't they cute?!!

Oh!! This card turned out so cute!! I created a card for my pink blog hop! We were to create a card, scrapbook page, or something fun by using either "The Pink Stamper" stamps or using the color pink. Greyson (my 4 almost 5 year old) was my inspiration for this latest creation. He has been into skunks lately. So, I thought a skunk on a Valentine's Day card would be cute. I like how the paper with the clouds looks like the skunk's puffs of stink! :) I was trying to come up with a saying that would go with a skunk and I came up with "I stink you're sweet". Heee Heee....I love it!

Cricut Cartridte Live Simply
Glitter Paper from Michael's
Glitter Glue (I am not sure where I got it; either Michael's or Joann's)
Paper from Michael's
Martha Stewart border punch from Michael's
Ribbon from Joann's Dollar Deals
Push-up Dots from Craft Warehouse
Letter Stickers from Craft Warehouse

This is an invitation I made for my sons birthday party. It didn't turn out exactly how I pictured but it is still cute. After 3 attempts I was getting a little frustrated! ;) I am going with an "owl and stars" theme. We are combining their parties this year. My oldest son's (turned 7) first party was cancelled due to weather and now it is getting too close to our middle son's (turning 5) so, we decided to do them together.

Oh, how I love doing crafts!!  My loving, sweet husband surprised me in a huge way this Christmas!!  I un-wrapped a Cricut!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  I burst into tears!  I was overcome with joy and emotion!  I have wanted one for so long!  Ever since I saw it on an "infomercial" years ago and drooled over it! Lol!!  So, I have been busy, busy, busy crafting!!  I did a "Me Board" for my son's pre-school and oh my!  It turned out so cute!  His teacher even gave a little gasp when she saw it! (Giggle) That made me smile.  I love my husband so much for making me feel so special!!  And I love my Cricut!!  I will post pics of my projects soon so stay tuned!!

Here is a more recent project I have done. This is a "Me Board" that my son and I made for his pre-school. He likes crafting with me. :) He drew the banana and cut it out. He also picked out the train for my cricut to cut out. He is so funny! He has a thing with skunks lately. He wanted me to put on his board that "he wants to be a skunk so he can spray everybody"! Ha! Ha! This is the first project I did with my cricut! Hope you like it!

Here are some projects I have done.
These are "Birthday Cakes" I did for my neices. I made the tutus out of tule and ribbon. The "cake" is made out of cardstock. These were a challenge but I think they turned out wonderful! I had a blast creating them! And my neices loved them! They would have been so much better if I would have had my Cricut then! -wink

Here is my first "Birthday Cake" I made. It has an actual dress for the skirt. I just tucked the top of it up inside. There is a purse I folded and pinned in place on top. This was for a very sweet little girl named Abby. We have been friends with her family for a long time. She calls me "Auntie Kasia" :)

Here are some pics of projects I completed many years ago. I created these for Craft Warehouse's Contest to be on their Design Team. Wow! I think it was almost 4 years ago! I really liked how these turned out. I wish I had them but they kept all entries :(

These first two pictures are of a card I made. I wrapped the card in a sheer material I had. I made a flap closure. It was fun and time consuming. This was my first time trying to make anything so extensive.

The third pic is of two scrapbook pages I made. The baby is Greyson. I really, really wish I had these back! But I am so happy I took pictures of them! I am going to try to replicate them. I was going with a "nature" theme. I used pine cone pieces, feathers and neutral colors. I love the design so much!

This fourth pic is another page I did! It was "summer fun".

This fifth picture is another page I made of Gage and Greyson.

This is another card I made. I used an actual jean pocket. It was fun to expirement with!


  1. Any of you out there love crafting? Please post pics of some of your projects here! I would love to see them!! And maybe I will have a give away! -wink -wink

  2. wow that card and two scrapbook pages of Greyson are awesome! Too bad they kept it all. I'd want to back and ask if I could rifle through it all!
    You should start an Etsy business! You'd do great!!!

  3. Wow!! Thanks! I know!! I really wish I would have just kept them! Thank you so much for the compliments, they mean a lot to me. :)

  4. OMG that skunk card and the sentiment is just sooo adorable!!!love all the projects:) I'm now a new follower. I hope you can stop by sometime:)

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