Monday, November 29, 2010

Mike = Sarcasm

If any of you know my husband, than you know how sarcastic he can be!  Here is the latest of his sarcasm: we were driving around looking for a Christmas tree and listening to the radio.  I saw a sign that said, "Friends are like snowflakes, >insert something about being unique and different" (I can't remember exactly what it said).  I read it out loud because I liked what it said.  And Mike being Mike, replied: "Friends are like snowflakes, cold and hard to shovel off of the driveway".  I laughed because it was funny and because I know he didn't really mean it.  He was just being his sarcastic self.

Cyber Monday and all that jazz.....

Did any of you score a really great deal for Cyber Monday?

Hooray For Discount Sites!!!

Here are some of the discount sites that I check frequently.  They have some really awesome items and most of the time they are about 52% off!  Enjoy!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Frenzy!! A Tale of Two Leapsters….

My husband and I decided to face the mob and go to our local Wal-Mart store at midnight on Black Friday. I have seen movies making fun of the horror that goes on, but that is the movies, not real life! Boy was I wrong! Here is "A Tale of Two Leapsters":
I was standing by the Leapsters (Leapster 2 was on sale for $25.00!) and Mike was standing by another item that was being reduced by a large amount. These were the two main items we wanted. There were tons of people wanting a Leapster and there was not nearly enough to go around! And the place where they were placed was kind of hard to get to. So, people were standing on all sides as close as they could. I was lucky and ended up getting a place at one of the corners. I started talking to this guy and gal who happened to get there before me. While talking, we came up with a plan: he was going to grab 3 pink ones, the gal was going to grab 3 princess games and I was going to grab my boy one. Then this lady came up behind me and she needed a boy one as well. Now, I was to grab 2 boy Leapsters. As the clock ticked closer to midnight, my heart was pounding. I could see in my mind how it was going to play out and I was scared of getting trampled!! Just as the clock struck midnight we heard a ripping sound. People had started ripping away the plastic wrap and grabbing their items without waiting for an associate. They war was on! I launched myself forward and bent down because the boy ones were at the bottom. An older gentleman with white hair had his cart blocking one whole side of the cardboard display case. I have no idea what happened to his cart! When the frenzy began, it must have gotten shoved back or something because it wasn't there by the time it was over! As I bent down, I had to fight a lady in front of me. She wanted 2 boy ones as well. I put my hand on one and she grabbed it out of my hand. I knew at that point I needed to step it up! So, I grabbed 2 of them with a kung fu grip and stood up. Before I knew what was happening, a guy standing behind me was trying to rip the one out of my right hand! Someone standing to my left was trying to take the one from my left hand! What the heck was going on?!! I probably had a panic stricken, horrified look on my face because that was how I felt! I was pulling and gripping for all I was worth! Then, the guy who was helping out our little group yelled "hey" and yanked the Leapster out of the guy's hand who was trying to rip it out of mine! Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe what was happening! The person trying to take it out of my left hand was the lady who I was getting the 2nd one for so that was OK. But still, all I knew was that I was playing tug of war for two Leapsters and I was losing! Thank goodness for the principal of Morrow County's Alternative School! It is because of you I got my Leapster! And to the gentleman who was trying to steal my son's Leapster, you are no gentleman! Go ahead and walk away with your nasty smile, you are walking away empty handed you JERK!!


This is the best Black Friday buying guide I have ever seen!  It is totally amazing!  If you are even thinking about shopping on Black Friday, this is a MUST!!  You NEED to see this!!  Copy and paste this link into your browser and download the EXCEL spread sheet!  You will be very impressed!

The wealthy, the snide, and me....

Am I the only person out there tired of the same old same old?  Am I the only one who wants a change?  I am restless!  I want my future to be different than my past!  I want my children to know what it is like to be wealthy!  Is that such a bad thing?  Is it so terrible to want them to experience things I didn't growing up?
I was watching a TV show at the dr.'s office the other day (by the way, isn't it nice how they replace the fish tank that the kids really enjoyed watching with the mind numbing TV.  Way to go!) and these people on the show were obviously wealthy.  They had outside kitchens and outdoor areas for parties and such that cost $20,000 and up.  These two ladies in the waiting room scoffed at how much money the couple spent.  They made comments like, "Those poor people!  Isn't it terrible that they don't have any money!"  I sat there and listened to their sarcasm.  I smiled.  Not because I agreed with their snide comments.  I thought they were amusing, yes.  But I was thinking very different thoughts in my head.  I was thinking, "That will be me someday.  I will have an awesome outside kitchen where I can invite all of our friends and family for some incredible parties!"  I felt sorry for those women because they don't have the dream.  They have given up.  They are content to stay where they are and never have anything better than what they have now.  For some of you, that might be OK.  You might surrender to the fact that you will never be out of the position of living pay check to pay check, not me.  I am able to dream, willing to give what it takes to achieve anything I want.  I have the passion and drive to make it happen for me and my family.  Nothing can stop me.  Someday, and it will seem like all of a sudden, that my family and I are getting a big new house, nice new cars and are living very different than you are used to seeing us live.  You will wonder how we did it.  We did it because I was still able to dream.  I had the vision of a better life for us and I didn’t stop until that vision became a reality.  I wasn't willing to settle into a mediocre life for the rest of our lives.  I wanted change! 

Snow Snow Snow

Oh how I love the snow!  It coats the world in a beautiful blanket of white.  Unfortunately, I don't really like driving in it.  So, if you are stuck behind some idiot doing 10 mph, it is probably me.  I will wave at you and say "hi".  Just be patient.  I am sure you would rather me drive too slow than to crash into your vehicle! ;)  Keep those fingers to yourself and enjoy the ride!

What are you thankful for?

As we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season, it beguiles my mind to wonder: What are you thankful for?  With the dreadful economy, I am sure that people have had better times and more to be thankful for at past Thanksgivings.  But it is in the hard times that we need to remember what it is that makes our lives better.  What is it that keeps us going when everything around us seems to be crumbling?  As this Thanksgiving draws near, I feel very thankful for creativity.  Of course, family tops my list as well as a roof over our heads, two vehicles that run, and my husband having a good paying job so he can provide for our family, but without creativity, I would be lost.  I feel that I am a very creative person and I love finding inspiration for my next project.  I love projects!  Crafts are the only thing that makes me really feel like me.  I can express myself wholly and completely.  However, I have to say that the number one item on my list of thankfulness is the toothless grin of my almost 3 month old and the laughs of my mischievous boys.  I love it when my baby gives me his gummy smile.  I love his chubby cheeks.  I absolutely love his little giggle when I tickle his toes.  I love my older boys’ deep laughs.  I love their imaginations when they tell me stories.  And I love hearing their little voices recite books they have memorized from all the times of snuggling on the couch reading together.  Yes, this Thanksgiving, I have much to be thankful for.
Now, what are you thankful for?  I want you to tell me what it is that makes you thankful this Thanksgiving.  How about we make this a contest?  Yes!!  What a great idea!  Here’s how it will work: the person with the most compelling thankfulness story I will award a $5 Starbucks gift card!  How awesome is that?  I will work out the details on how to get the card to you later, but for now, get to writing!  I will keep this at the top of my blog for now so you can find it easily.  

The Path to the new me....

As I move forward on path to the new me, I start thinking about things I can improve in my life and in those around me. Some things I have been thinking about are the "little things". Everyone says that the “little things” are the most important. Well, I think they are right. It is the “little things” which happen at just the right times that keep people from going completely in sane. I am speaking from personal experience here. For example, on the days where I am one fight or tattling away from strangling my children that without warning, one of them does something incredible that melts a mommy’s heart in a way that only little ones can. My desire to lock them in the closet goes away and I can, once again, tolerate a little more tattling and fighting that they throw my way. That, my friends, is a "little thing". Actually, it is a huge thing in the lives of stay at home moms but that is where I am going. The “little things” mean so much to human beings that they are tremendously important in our day to day relations. It may seem like such a small thing that it wouldn’t even make a difference however, it could mean the world to someone else. I was out walking one day and this lady stopped me. I could tell that her flower was missing a few petals but I didn’t mind as she started telling me about something she had won. She was so excited it was bubbling out of her as she was talking to me. I stood there smiling and listening. That was all I did. I could have easily walked on by and ignored her but I choose to stop and let her have this moment. That “little thing” didn’t mean much to me but I know that it was special to her. I couldn’t help but keep a smile on my face for the rest of the day. It really does make you feel good about yourself. It is a great confidence booster so why not try it out?


While reading my first post, I see something that needs correcting. I have accomplished one of the major goals I have set for myself and that is to have a family. I have a wonderful husband (even if he is a computer hog) and three beautiful little boys. I am very blessed.

A little rant....

NO!!!  It certainly doesn't feel like it at least.  To some it might feel as though life is ending.  As I slowly approach 30, I feel like half of my life is over and I haven't accomplished one of my major dreams or goals!  This may be a little melodramatic for some of you, but, am I really the only one who feels this?  I am turning 30 next September and I don't really know how I feel about it.  I can say that I don't feel as though I have accomplished near what I imagined I would.  The fact that I am not who I thought I would be makes me feel like a failure.  But there is hope for me yet.  I have finally accepted the fact that I need to work on “me” in order to get myself to where I want to be.  Nobody can do it for me.  People are not going to make right the wrongs they have done; it is time to stop waiting; it will never happen.  No more idling by and watching from the side lines like you do at your local high school football game.  It is time that I, Kasia, take charge of my life!  This decision is going to be hard for me to stick to.  I am going to get some flak from people whom I care about and care about what they think of me.  I know this battle is long overdue.  In the past, I have been too scared to even think about "going there" however, I am finally ready to ruffle some feathers; including my own.  And I need cheerleaders to help me fight!  Will you raise your pompoms high and cheer your hearts out?  Will you get the crowd pumped, on their feet and ready for action? (In crowd I mean me)  Who’s with me?  I need all the encouragement I can get!