Saturday, November 27, 2010

The wealthy, the snide, and me....

Am I the only person out there tired of the same old same old?  Am I the only one who wants a change?  I am restless!  I want my future to be different than my past!  I want my children to know what it is like to be wealthy!  Is that such a bad thing?  Is it so terrible to want them to experience things I didn't growing up?
I was watching a TV show at the dr.'s office the other day (by the way, isn't it nice how they replace the fish tank that the kids really enjoyed watching with the mind numbing TV.  Way to go!) and these people on the show were obviously wealthy.  They had outside kitchens and outdoor areas for parties and such that cost $20,000 and up.  These two ladies in the waiting room scoffed at how much money the couple spent.  They made comments like, "Those poor people!  Isn't it terrible that they don't have any money!"  I sat there and listened to their sarcasm.  I smiled.  Not because I agreed with their snide comments.  I thought they were amusing, yes.  But I was thinking very different thoughts in my head.  I was thinking, "That will be me someday.  I will have an awesome outside kitchen where I can invite all of our friends and family for some incredible parties!"  I felt sorry for those women because they don't have the dream.  They have given up.  They are content to stay where they are and never have anything better than what they have now.  For some of you, that might be OK.  You might surrender to the fact that you will never be out of the position of living pay check to pay check, not me.  I am able to dream, willing to give what it takes to achieve anything I want.  I have the passion and drive to make it happen for me and my family.  Nothing can stop me.  Someday, and it will seem like all of a sudden, that my family and I are getting a big new house, nice new cars and are living very different than you are used to seeing us live.  You will wonder how we did it.  We did it because I was still able to dream.  I had the vision of a better life for us and I didn’t stop until that vision became a reality.  I wasn't willing to settle into a mediocre life for the rest of our lives.  I wanted change! 

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