Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Frenzy!! A Tale of Two Leapsters….

My husband and I decided to face the mob and go to our local Wal-Mart store at midnight on Black Friday. I have seen movies making fun of the horror that goes on, but that is the movies, not real life! Boy was I wrong! Here is "A Tale of Two Leapsters":
I was standing by the Leapsters (Leapster 2 was on sale for $25.00!) and Mike was standing by another item that was being reduced by a large amount. These were the two main items we wanted. There were tons of people wanting a Leapster and there was not nearly enough to go around! And the place where they were placed was kind of hard to get to. So, people were standing on all sides as close as they could. I was lucky and ended up getting a place at one of the corners. I started talking to this guy and gal who happened to get there before me. While talking, we came up with a plan: he was going to grab 3 pink ones, the gal was going to grab 3 princess games and I was going to grab my boy one. Then this lady came up behind me and she needed a boy one as well. Now, I was to grab 2 boy Leapsters. As the clock ticked closer to midnight, my heart was pounding. I could see in my mind how it was going to play out and I was scared of getting trampled!! Just as the clock struck midnight we heard a ripping sound. People had started ripping away the plastic wrap and grabbing their items without waiting for an associate. They war was on! I launched myself forward and bent down because the boy ones were at the bottom. An older gentleman with white hair had his cart blocking one whole side of the cardboard display case. I have no idea what happened to his cart! When the frenzy began, it must have gotten shoved back or something because it wasn't there by the time it was over! As I bent down, I had to fight a lady in front of me. She wanted 2 boy ones as well. I put my hand on one and she grabbed it out of my hand. I knew at that point I needed to step it up! So, I grabbed 2 of them with a kung fu grip and stood up. Before I knew what was happening, a guy standing behind me was trying to rip the one out of my right hand! Someone standing to my left was trying to take the one from my left hand! What the heck was going on?!! I probably had a panic stricken, horrified look on my face because that was how I felt! I was pulling and gripping for all I was worth! Then, the guy who was helping out our little group yelled "hey" and yanked the Leapster out of the guy's hand who was trying to rip it out of mine! Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe what was happening! The person trying to take it out of my left hand was the lady who I was getting the 2nd one for so that was OK. But still, all I knew was that I was playing tug of war for two Leapsters and I was losing! Thank goodness for the principal of Morrow County's Alternative School! It is because of you I got my Leapster! And to the gentleman who was trying to steal my son's Leapster, you are no gentleman! Go ahead and walk away with your nasty smile, you are walking away empty handed you JERK!!

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