Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Path to the new me....

As I move forward on path to the new me, I start thinking about things I can improve in my life and in those around me. Some things I have been thinking about are the "little things". Everyone says that the “little things” are the most important. Well, I think they are right. It is the “little things” which happen at just the right times that keep people from going completely in sane. I am speaking from personal experience here. For example, on the days where I am one fight or tattling away from strangling my children that without warning, one of them does something incredible that melts a mommy’s heart in a way that only little ones can. My desire to lock them in the closet goes away and I can, once again, tolerate a little more tattling and fighting that they throw my way. That, my friends, is a "little thing". Actually, it is a huge thing in the lives of stay at home moms but that is where I am going. The “little things” mean so much to human beings that they are tremendously important in our day to day relations. It may seem like such a small thing that it wouldn’t even make a difference however, it could mean the world to someone else. I was out walking one day and this lady stopped me. I could tell that her flower was missing a few petals but I didn’t mind as she started telling me about something she had won. She was so excited it was bubbling out of her as she was talking to me. I stood there smiling and listening. That was all I did. I could have easily walked on by and ignored her but I choose to stop and let her have this moment. That “little thing” didn’t mean much to me but I know that it was special to her. I couldn’t help but keep a smile on my face for the rest of the day. It really does make you feel good about yourself. It is a great confidence booster so why not try it out?

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