Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Holly-Lou's Paper Parties....and More" photo shoot prep...

Here are the products I have been working on for "Holly-Lou's Paper Parties....and More" photo shoot. I made things for a "Super Hero" boys birthday party theme. I made a candy stick, cupcake wrapper, cupcake topper, sour cream candy holder, invitation, thank you card, a mask for kids to wear on their face, and tags for the candy sticks and sour cream containers. Everything turned out so cute!
Melissa made a "Princess" themed birthday party for a girl. I made candy the sticks and tags, the crown for little girls to wear on their head, the cupcake wrapper, and the cupcake topper. She doesn't have the same cartridges I have so I made these to go with her theme. These turned out super cute too!
Melissa also made baby shower products and I made a cupcake wrapper and a cupcake topper to go with what she made. She had bubbles in her theme and the cupcake wrapper turned out perfect! It looks like bubbles! She also had duckies so the topper fits perfect too! She doesn't have the same Cricut cartridges I have and that is why I made these. These turned out so cute!


  1. These are great!!! Awesome job! How/when are you going to start selling your items?

  2. We are going to get our prices in order and start a blog for people to contact us. We are also ordering some business cards!! I am so excited!!