Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Contest!!!

OK, I wanted to get some prizes rounded up before I announced my Christmas contest.  So, here it is!!  I want you to tell me about your favorite Christmas tradition and how your family gives to others during the holiday season.  I would also like to see pics of any holiday crafts you enjoy!!  I love crafting, especially around Christmas!!  Your comments must be posted under “Christmas Contest” on my blog to be entered into the drawing.  I will randomly draw 6 names at the end of the contest and those 6 people will win some fabulous prizes!!  Oh, I am so excited!!
I bet you want to know what you will be winning?  Well, here is what I have so far:

Two $25.00 dollar gift certificates to the Desert River Inn Restaurant(Umatilla, Or.)
Three $50.00 dollar gift certificates to the Barrel House Café & Wine Bar (Kennewick, Wa.)
One $25.00 dollar gift certificates to the Barrel House Café & Wine Bar (Kennewick, Wa.)

These would make for an awesome date night with your hunny, don’t you think?  I do!!

*For those of you who do not live in this area, I will be getting gift cards to Starbucks for your prizes!! 

The contest will end on Christmas day so, get to writing!!


  1. I have a few Christmas traditions that I hold close to my heart but two of them pop to the fore when you ask for favorites. Am I allowed to have two?? Who cares and here they are:).

    First, when I was around five, Grandma at the Ranch asked me what kind of ornament collection I wanted when I grew up. My Aunt Bobbi collected pig ornaments and Grandma bought her one every year to add to her collection. She wanted to start mine at a young age so that I would have enough to cover my first tree as an adult. Why this was important to her, I'll never know but it started quite the collection. I told her that I wanted teddy bear ornaments so I got at least one from her each and every year thereafter(until the dementia kicked in anyway!). It didn't take long before my Mama also got in on the action which meant that some years I was getting as many as four teddy bear ornaments in my stocking! Since her death, I have continued the tradition by buying myself a teddy bear ornament every year. I will only put teddy bears on my tree and I love the way it looks - if you care to see it, I'll post a pic on my blog tonight (

    My second favorite tradition is Christmas Eve dinner. We always had our big feast on Christmas Day so the night before was a simple meal. My Mama was a horrible, horrible cook so it consisted of warmed up canned clam chower and cheese and crackers. Perhaps because I don't much care for the traditional foods of the holidays or perhaps because this was a nice, relaxing respite during a very busy time of year, I found that I appreciated this meal much more than the actual big Christmas dinner. As an adult, I've found that I've missed this tradition terribly on the years that I've had to spend with my in-laws and, more recently, since she's passed away. Last year, I decided it was time to quit missing the tradition... Ty and I were home for Christmas Eve so I whipped us up a delish batch of clam chowder from scratch. This year, we'll be with the in-laws so this won't be possible. However, I have decided to twist the tradition a bit and am having some dear friends over on New Year's Eve where we will enjoy clam chowder, popovers, cheese and crackers and coconut cheesecake.

    For me, now, the most important traditions are those that honor and remind me of my Mama. I love that I'm still able to experience them without her and I think she would really be touched to know how much they meant to me. I miss her more than I can express - especially at this time of year - so anything that makes her feel closer around me is really worth doing!

  2. Jessica, I love the fact that you are keeping the traditions that your mom started with you even though she is gone now. Your teddy bear tree is so sweet. Thanks for the pic. :) Well, since you are the only one who entered my contest, you get some gift cards!! Wahooo!!